Week 11, 2017

Last Monday was the Monday-iest Monday ever. I got bit by a child twice in the span of ten minutes because I wouldn’t let him open the door.

Tuesday was White Day – some sort of extra Valentine’s Day that some Asian countries celebrate. I still don’t know what it’s all about. Our director gave us a Beauty and the Beast chocolate rose lolly though, so that’s cool. Some of the kids in my classes also gave me candy; like this pirate’s gold!

Wednesday the child that bit me was a bit more calm because the Korean teacher scolded him. Nothing else of substance to report.

Thursday two of my classes had to write a report. Since the example was about Korean symbols, one class decided to pick American symbols.  They wrote about the American flag and what the components meant and the national anthem. I thought that was pretty cool.

I lost my pencil while grading book reports and when I looked in the mirror this is what I saw. I’ve officially lost my damn mind.

I saw this cool clown car.

Friday wasn’t that great.

Saturday I went to Korean class. I have to wear a face mask because the yellow dust and pollution are irritating my respiratory system. I think I look like a thief.

Our class was only one hour long instead of the normal two because we had orientation. I was trying to take a selfie and my classmates photobombed me.

We sat there for an hour on plastic stools that made my butt go numb. Then, my class went for lunch.

My classmate that can be seen in the center of the photobombing, Tien, sat next to me at lunch. We were chatting with other classmates. Tien made us guess how old he is…because, you know, that game always works out… I guessed that he was the same age as me. He confirmed that I was born in 1986 and was like, “so you’re 31?” My response was, “no! Not yet!” So he asked me when I’ll be 31. I said May. His eyes got big. “Me too! What day!?” “The 19th,” and his eyes got really big and he hit me on the shoulder. “Me too!” And come to find out he has the ~EXACT~ same birthday as me. He asked me what time! I told him I’d look at my birth certificate when I got home to let him know. We even whipped out our alien registration cards to prove it. So the class was making jokes about how we’re twins separated at birth and how we’ll have to have a joint birthday party. I’ve met people with the same birthday as me before, but not the whole month, day, year same! It’s pretty cool.

After all that, I went to Suwon Station to get a hair cut. The man who cut my hair caught me off guard by offering me money to help him with his English. I would, but my contract specifically forbids this and I don’t think it’s worth the risk of being fired/deported. Next I went to scope out one of my favorite stores and it was closed! I don’t know if it merged with the men’s store that was down the street but it definitely packed up and left its building. So I wondered over to LOHB which is an equivalent to CVS and I found the mother load of imported foods. I was especially impressed enough with their selection of Campbell’s soups that I took a picture. I got off the bus early and walked along the stream back to my house.


Sunday I didn’t do much. I did some loads of laundry and went to a Korean barbecue meat buffet with Asia.

I forgot to post this before… it’s official.


Until next week,



There seems to be some miscommunication happening here…

So I applied for my Visa Identification Number (VIN) over four weeks ago and should have had it three-ish weeks ago – that being said, I only received it on Wednesday the 17th. I was told that I was not at fault for this taking place and that for whatever reason my application for VIN was taking ~way~ longer than expected. I was also told that the school that I will be teaching at was aware of this and that I was not to be blamed. So, I ship my actual visa application to the Consulate in Chicago expecting to get it back later than the date that I was originally supposed to leave, today the 19th, and arrive later than planned.

Today I receive an email from my recruiter telling me to call the Consulate and ask them when I’m supposed to be getting my visa back. I, having read the website, know that it states this process takes 5 business days – but I call anyway because that’s what I was told to do. I have a pleasant conversation with a man at the Consulate telling me essentially what I already know and that the person who issues the visas is currently on a business trip and if I need to speak with her to call back on Monday. No big deal.

I get off the phone and  anticipate replying to the recruiter via email. There is a new email from the foreign head teacher at my school stating she is expecting me to arrive at the school on the 22nd, this coming Monday, and issuing instructions on which train to take from my hotel and which stop to get off at. *insert panic mode* I write my email to recruiter relaying the info from the Consulate and telling him of this new email from the teacher at the school saying I don’t know if/how to respond to this as I was already told that the school was aware of my VIN application taking nearly a month to process. So now, just like every other point in this process I sit and wait, mostly annoyed because I feel like I can’t do a whole lot about what is happening, that I’m not getting all the necessary information, and that this whole process kind of actually sucks.