Say what? Earthquake?!

Hmm where I do start?

Friday was a pretty bad day. I have three students in my first class that seem to be out to be the shittiest little kids in all my classes as two or all three of them are throwing a fit about something everyday. The girl is essentially a seven year old baby. She cried because one of the boys touched her pencil case. There is one boy in the same class that legit looks like a mini version of a middle aged man that’s hung over and always pissed off about something. These kids are like 7 or 8 and in that class all hell broke loose on Friday and I got yelled at for not controlling the class better. I agree it was a shitshow, however that was only my 6th day teaching so I don’t really know why the expectations are that I’m perfect and nothing goes wrong, like ever.

My coworkers and I went to a bar close to work and had some beer (ew) and they succeeded in making me feel better. Afterwards, two of us wanted to get pizza but it was closed 😦 So I was shown the walking trail as an alternate to taking the pedestrian bridge.

Saturday the head teacher, Andrea, showed me how to get HomePlus which is like a Target or Walmart. It’s about a 20 minute walk if you’re a slow walker like me. This store is near the baseball stadium. The store was pretty cool. I went with the intent to look for a desk or table lamp and of course I didn’t remember that when I got there. I did, however, remember to buy pillow cases and a fitted sheet. I also bought about $50 worth of groceries. We took a cab back home because I bought lots of juice and that shit is heavy and I’m not about to carry that for 20+ minutes. Hell no.

Sunday I was excited to put my newly purchased and washed sheet on my bed… I bought the wrong damn size! I got a single/twin and my bed is a queen! I was not surprised because I do this kind of thing all the time.

Today I had my M-W-F kids, the same little terrors. The two trouble some boys started a fight over one’s book being over the halfway line of the desk. One of them even did the “come at me bro” action. tumblr_lmfoyckhfk1qii6tmo1_500 meanwhile, I was like, giphy and then I realized that I was the “responsible” adult in the room and made the least troublesome of the boys move to the back of the room.

As requested, I made this video of my walk from school to my apartment. Yes, that is a veterinarian’s office across the hall from my academy. I always peep in there and look at the doggies.
My Walk Home

After shooting this video there was apparently an earthquake in southeast Korea. I didn’t feel it but a girl who works in an academy down the street from me on the 6th floor did. Kind of makes me wonder if I even know what an earthquake “feels” like.


I’m leaving tomorrow! alskjdflskjdf

I called the Korean Consulate for the 2394384th time this afternoon and was informed that my passport with visa would be sent out today and per my shipping method I will receive my stuff tomorrow morning by 10:30am!


So a bunch of time goes by as I wait for my recruiter to call me about this news and he starts out with, “the tracking info states you should have your passport in hand by 10:30am. So, are you ready to get on a plane tomorrow afternoon?!” My immediate response was, literally, “oh shit!” He says he’ll contact the travel agent and send the flight info my way via email. I pay for the flight and yep. I’m leaving tomorrow and I’ll arrive in South Korea around 4 am on Sunday.


At least I’m getting in a lot of Midwest thunderstorm action whilst waiting for my life to progress…

I called the Consulate in Chicago, as instructed by my uber impatient recruiter, to inquire about the status of my visa and when they feel like sending my passport back to me. As I expected, they probably won’t be sending my passport out to me until Thursday or Friday. So that means even with overnight shipping I won’t receive it until Monday at the latest.

Cool. So I’ll be a week behind all the other new arrivals at school as I was supposed to leave around the 19th. Of course this shit would happen to me because nothing in my life ever goes as planned. 😦 And, all of this malarkey about my visa and VIN is making me so anxious about how I’ll be treated when I arrive, what kind of impression this is making for me, etc.

Like, I just want to be there already as I should have been FIVE days ago. My contract technically started two days ago. Will I even have an adjustment period after my 18+ hour flight? #rage




My Motives

I’ve had many different and some very interesting questions regarding my motives for want to teach English in South Korea.

Truth be told, my interest in Korea is not very old and it started with being fired from a job and having way too much free time so I took up using whatever disposable income I had on cutesy stationery to decorate my Filofax planner with. All the cute Korean planner stickers I found on etsy, eBay, etc. had Hangul writing and Korean phrases on them.

In 2014, I moved in with a roommate who had interests in Korean and Japanese cultures and she allowed my curiosity to flourish. I started watching Korean dramas and listening to Kpop. She also had a friend that taught English in Japan and encouraged me to look into options appealing to me so I started looking into English teaching jobs in Korea.

Since I was also going to University of Iowa during this time and they have Korean language and culture classes I decided I might as well take some. I took a Korean Humanities class that encompassed the history, folklore, and arts of Korean people. During this time I also took a Hangul class to learn how to read and write via King Sejong Institute.

I decided to apply to some teaching jobs in Korea because why the heck not?! And now I’m going on my next adventure.

Beginnings and Such


Over the past month and a half my life has changed drastically. I’ve graduated from college, received my Teaching English to Foreign Speakers (TESOL) certificate, turned 30 😮  (*gasp* ikr?!), moved back home to my parents’ house, accepted a job that correlated with my major, got offered a TESOL job, cancelled acceptance of the first job and have been on rally to get my documents sent to Korea in time.

So after conferring with Reddit that this school is somewhat reputable and not 100% shady I signed a contract with Avalon English and was assigned to their Suwon Jangan Langcon campus.

TL;DR I’m moving to South Korea to become an English teacher.