Unknowns and Anxiety

So, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about how I feel about my up and coming move across the world and it kind of bothers me that I don’t have a lot of the information that people questioning me seek. I don’t know specifically where I’m going to be living, what my address will be, what condition my housing is in. I don’t know much about the school other than its address and name. I don’t know if I’m going to only stay for a year or extend my living abroad after this. Shit, I don’t even know when my flight to go over to Korea is yet – just that I have to be there before the 22nd of August, which is the first date of my contract.

There are so many unknowns about this whole situation and it makes me anxious. Clearly it’s bearable because there are thousands of native English teachers living abroad and have survived to write, blog, or speak about it. I just have a problem with the unknowns.


Beginnings and Such


Over the past month and a half my life has changed drastically. I’ve graduated from college, received my Teaching English to Foreign Speakers (TESOL) certificate, turned 30 😮  (*gasp* ikr?!), moved back home to my parents’ house, accepted a job that correlated with my major, got offered a TESOL job, cancelled acceptance of the first job and have been on rally to get my documents sent to Korea in time.

So after conferring with Reddit that this school is somewhat reputable and not 100% shady I signed a contract with Avalon English and was assigned to their Suwon Jangan Langcon campus.

TL;DR I’m moving to South Korea to become an English teacher.