I’ve been doing stuff? I’ve run out of creative titles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

On Thursday I went with my Korean Head Teacher to get a massage. We took the bus to the Suwon City Hall area. I’ve never actually paid for a massage before as I’ve had friends who went to school for it. I didn’t really know what to expect. Essentially it was an apartment that was converted into a massage parlor. First, we were asked to change into scrub like outfits. Second, we got an aromatherapy foot soak and scrub. Then we were taken to massage room. Holy shit though, I almost died because I told the lady I liked strong massages. This chick was literally putting all her body weight (which wasn’t much to be honest) to dig her knees into my back. At first I was wincing but I got used to it. The whole time I kept trying to stifle giggles because I kept thinking about how hilarious/gross it would be if someone farted while this was happening. I’d  been having some troubles with my left hip since I got here and all that rough massaging seemed to make it worse at first but now it’s getting better each day. I do not regret paying a lady $30 to dig her knees in my back. 

Friday, my Korean co-teacher and I implemented a new seating arrangement for the class with all the little devils in it. Essentially we just moved one kid away from another kid and it seemed to be working out well, at least in my half of the class. 

I also got my Alien Registration Card on Friday! Your girl is now a registered alien 👽 So now because of this card I am able to obtain a country appropriate cellphone, verify my identity with Netflix that yes I am over 19 years old, and obviously do things on a cell phone that requires data. 

Yesterday, I decided to try to get a cell phone without the help of a bilingual Korean. I feel like it went quicker than any cell phone acquiring I’ve ever done in the USA. With the help of Naver translate (the South Korean google), his broken English, and my broken Korean we completed the transaction in about 45 minutes. I was so jazzed. 

Today, right now actually, I’m in Gangnam with Brittany. I met her at a tattoo shop as she’s getting inked. Thanks to my new cell phone I didn’t get lost once! Not sure what we’re doing after this but Elizabeth is going to meet up with us. 


Actual news this time.

I had my health check for my alien registration on Friday. The directors assistant said he’d pick me up at 9 am so I planned accordingly but, I kid you not, at 8:50 I get a text from him saying he made a mistake and it’s at 10. Thanks dude. He arrives at 10:15 and still reeks of last nights alcohol. So we get there and he tries to help me but is clearly in a miserable state. He helps me check in and leads me to the dental department for my check up and tells me he will be waiting in the car for me when it’s all finished. I had to

  • Get weighed
  • Get my height measured
  • Have my vision checked 
  • Have my blood pressure taken
  • Have a hearing test
  • Have a chest X-ray 
  • Pee in a cup
  • Have blood drawn

I went out with some coworkers and a girl from our parent company after work because it was one of the office staff people’s last day. They seem determined to make me like beer. 

They some what succeeded because when we parted ways I seem to have taken this photo that I don’t remember…

From there three of us wandered through Manseok Park to another bar. It was pretty dead but somehow we managed to talk to a couple of locals. One was really interested in gun culture in America so I told him about things I knew – like how in rural areas it’s not uncommon for there to be more than one gun in a household. He seemed horrified but intrigued. 

Saturday I walked to HomePlus where I finally bought a lamp but am too dumb to find the appropriate light bulb. I also did tons of laundry, dishes, cleaned the floors, and watched dramas all day. 

Today I went to Daiso again to buy random stuff I needed and I had an amazing fried pork cutlet and rice for dinner and it was really cheap! I haven’t had anything bad from there so it’s pretty awesome. And it’s close to work and home!!