Yesterday was pretty crazy!

Thursday we had Papa John’s pizza and it was pretty much like back home but the the garlic sauce cups aren’t. Everyone else called them pizza sunscreen…

So Friday; D-Day finally came. It was my first day of teaching. As expected my first class was awful. I had no idea what I was doing, not that I do now but a teeny tiny bit more. The day seemed to wiz by pretty fast and my confidence level raised as it went by. There were some super adorable kids that were helping me out; pure angels. Other kids couldn’t have given a damn – they already go to public school and come to academy for extra English instruction and they usually go to other academies, like science, math, even other languages. 

After school was over at 9 pm I finally moved in to my apartment. 

It’s pretty standard for a Korean apartment. The school supposedly hired someone to clean but what they did is beyond me because the bathroom and weird porch thing that houses my washing machine were pretty moldy 😖.

So when I woke up today I scrubbed the wall that was moldy and gross in the porch. There was also a decaying, moldy piece of wood under a shelving unit so that was a fun find. 

I made two trips to the stores today. The first being to Daiso which is like a cheap persons heaven on Earth. It’s like a Dollar General but with more things. I got about $50 USD worth of stuff – I needed everything except the stainless steel chopsticks I bought but whatever. It was hella hot on my walk back home and I chilled for like three hours to cool down. 

Then I called home and talked to my Dad. We talked about my apartment and the first day of teaching. Then I heard my kitty talking to me over the phone! 😻

I started to get hungry and there wasn’t much food left by the previous teacher so I made my way to the grocery store. I didn’t get much but what I did get was pretty expensive ☹️. I also went to the bakery to get their super delicious bagels but they were all gone so that was a bit of a mood ruiner. 

I still have some things on my list that I’d like to get for my apartment but I have do idea where to find them. I guess I’ll just figure that out in time. 

I also did four loads of laundry today and according to my Fitbit I was active for 50 minutes today. I know I was sweating like I was in an oven so that doesn’t surprise me.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be more humid so we’ll see how much walking about I’ll do but there is a Baskin-Robbins not far so that’s a bit of a curiosity. Of all the American or familiar foods I’ve had here aren’t exactly the same but aren’t bad either. 


I went solo

First off here’s a pic of the hotel all the teachers are staying at 

It has a wedding/convention center attached, which is bigger than the hotel and not pictured.

I, again, woke up at 5:45 am. #gross

So I only had one day of training at headquarters and today I’m off to see Suwon, my school, and meet everyone. I had to take a bus for 15/20 minutes to the subway station and then ride the subway for about an hour

At first I go on the train going the wrong way! 😱 Luckily I realized my mistake right away and got off at the next station and swapped trains. 

I got to my destination early and was able to walk around. I immediately spotted an Indian restaurant, three skin care brand stores, a Pizza Hut, Popeye’s Chicken, and Starbucks. My first thought: this is going to be ok. I slipped in to Starbucks and got a celebratory Frappucino for not getting too lost or dying! 

I met the current head foreign teacher who is leaving on Thursday and her replacement at the train station exit and caught a bus back to school where I was introduced to the staff and other teachers. 

The director of the school wanted to have a chat with me to get to know me rather than reading about me in a file. She seemed very impressed with the classes that I took through University of Iowa and King Sejong Insititute. She said that I have a really nice voice and that I have the dispossition for being an English teacher.

I only observed classes yesterday and honestly it was a bit overwhelming just because it was all so new. I also got my books and the schedule for what I’ll be teaching. I don’t have desk yet because the one teacher is still still teaching until Thursday and I’m  a bit in the way. 

Everyone at school is very nice and welcoming. Of the native English speaking teachers that are staying, two are Canadian, one is from UK, and one from Wisconsin. The director bought us lunch and told me a faster way to get home than I took. She also rode the bus with me and walked me to the hotel. Which was super nice because we had a meeting after classes were over and didn’t arrive at the hotel until 11pm. 

Friday is the big day. The director will pick me up in her car and take all my suitcases to school. I will start teaching classes on Friday. This is not a drill. I will start teaching classes on Friday. And after a full day of teaching I will move into my apartment. I’m moving into the apartment of the teacher that’s leaving so it makes it a bit weird right now having to come to and from the hotel everyday.