A new calendar year…

Monday we had secret Santa at work. It was different than any other secret Santa I’ve ever participated in because I’ve always drawn a name and known for whom I was purchasing a gift. This time, not the case; buy something that anyone would like. Uhhhh… ?

The question I get everyday, “Teacher aren’t you cold?!” Was followed up yesterday by, “Teacher are you from Canada; you seem to like the cold…” I explained that I’m “not quite” from Canada and the girls drew me in my standard uniform of short sleeve shirt and pants.

Crystal and Dorothy pose next to Dorothy’s drawing of Britt Teacher.
It seems that Koreans far surpass the love Iowans think they have for corn. They put corn on their pizza, inside hot dogs, on a lot of random food stuffs; the thing that I was most surprised to see was – Corn Crunch Ice Cream. I really doubt I will ever try that because it just doesn’t seem appealing to me.

I just don’t get why corn needs to be in ice cream?

Tuesday marked the arrival of my holiday box from my parents. I was starting to get  a bit worried it got lost but then I heard the delivery man scanning packages! Inside was a nice gift from my sister and her family with a photo Christmas card that is now on display above my computer. My parents got me the new Kindle Fire! So now I can read books on my magic electronic book.  Also inside were some new pants that I was in dire need of. I held up the pants and they seemed quite small. I compared them to the pants I’ve been wearing thus far and are smaller. I was apprehensive to try them on at first because of this but if I wear these new pants, I don’t need a belt!

I was terrified when I saw how much smaller those pants were…

Wednesday when I called a student for her phone speaking phone call her dad told me that after I’m finished talking to his daughter, he wanted to speak to me. He rattled on for over seven minutes about how dissatisfied he was with the books we use and how he doesn’t think his daughter is learning enough grammar points. I informed him that the level that his daughter is at focuses on vocabulary building and making the students more comfortable reading and speaking English; and that there is one small grammar point per lesson. I also told him that the next level gets more into longer stories and adds more grammar. He was obviously not impressed with my answer and kept asking the same question over and over. I was having Target flashbacks where I wanted to say, “I don’t have any control over what you’re complaining about, I just work here!” I told him since he wasn’t satisfied with my answer I could have the campus director or my Korean co-teacher call him.


Thursday morning it snowed; just a dusting. It didn’t last long and having “winter” without snow accumulation is a bit weird, like looking at an alien landscape. I can only wonder who out of sync my brain would be if I were in the southern hemisphere during winter. My mind still hasn’t comprehended that it’s been Christmas and now New Years… because I’m not bombarded with Christmas decorations, songs, and advertising.

Friday after work I went with my coworkers to have some chicken and beer.

Saturday, yesterday, I added a fair number of books to my new Kindle and read. Around 3 p.m. I decided I should get some food so I hopped on the bus outside my door and made my way to Suwon Station. I hadn’t had Burger King for quite a while so I decided on that. I swear that was the most delicious cheeseburger I’ve ever eaten…even though I just ate McDonald’s last week. I walked around the mall that’s connected to the train station for some time and bought a perfume. There weren’t as many people there as had been in past weekends I’d been to the mall. I was looking for a specific smoothie shop before I caught the bus back home but didn’t see it in my immediate view so I went to coffee shop. I saw the most delicious looking piece of cake ever, so naturally I bought it. On the way home I was very concerned for my cake’s life as the bus was packed and I was clutching the box with my life. Luckily when I got home and checked on my precious cake, it was totally fine. The day closed with video chatting with my parents.

This cake was sooooooo delicious!

Today I read, then went for a walk, and read some more. While walking I saw two cranes and since they are very auspicious symbols in Asian culture, I felt good about it. I’m hoping they bring me luck and longevity in the new year.

Until next week,



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