Not much.

I’ve had the same song in my head for what feels like an eternity… seriously. This song can just die. I have never hated a song so much because it’s been in my head since, like, Thanksgiving…

I don’t really feel like much happened this week at work. Went through the motions and then it was the weekend!

I was informed by my sister-in-law that she is pregnant on Thanksgiving and that they found out on Friday it’s going to be a girl. I was also informed that I did not jinx them by giving them girl clothes before I moved in May. So that’s happy!

Saturday I walked to HomePlus to buy some random crap to send to my family for holiday gifts. Don’t think I’ll make it to Post Office to get the stuff to you by Christmas, sorry guys. So it’ll just have to be a Happy New Year’s present or something.

As I was walking I stopped to sit on a bench by the lake in Manseok Park and watch the ducks and an elderly man was sitting on the bench adjacent to mine, we made awkward eye contact, and I bowed my head in the customary non verbal way to greet people. When I was walking back home some two hours later, I saw the same man walking around and he waved at me and smiled. Huh, that’s cool. While I was shopping a random kid, probably around age 9, came up to me and said “Hello, I like your hair,” and skipped away. As I was at the last crosswalk before my house, there were two kids on bicycles waiting for the walk signal, an older brother and a little sister. They were staring at me like I was zombie unicorn that poops money so I said, “hello.” They looked frightened and the boy said, in Korean, “let’s go find mommy.”


Manseok Park

Manseok Park

I was surprised there was ice on the lake as it’s been really mild lately. Manseok Park

Today I didn’t really have a plan. Maybe go for a walk along one of the streets I’ve been on many times while taking the bus to check out the shops. Maybe I’d go to the movies. Maybe I’d just sit at home. Sunny messaged me that she had some news and that we should meet so we agreed to meet at a coffee shop at 3:30. We caught up on things, had some laughs, and decided to go to Suwon Station to get some Dalk Galbi for dinner. After we ate, we went over to the mall and walked around. We went to some shoe stores to inquire about UGGs because I love me some UGGs. When we finally tracked them down, they didn’t have one single style in size 9. I totally accept that I’m larger than “normal” in clothing sizes here but come on, size 9 is only one size larger than they carry!! I shouldn’t be that surprised because when I checked online with GMarket, all the shoes in my size were those that are unisex like Adidas, Vans, and Converse. Waaah

Sunny and I about to eat some Dalk Galbi


On the bus to Suwon Station they were playing clips of Maury Povich and I was so tickled.

I’m beginning to think there will not be a white Christmas this year as it’s been pretty warm up until this point staying around 40-ish degrees Fahrenheit and next week’s forecast seems to be a bit warmer in the 50s.



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