Weekly Update…

Monday it was pretty cold. I was not expecting a cold snap like that. I wore my down North Face jacket, wool hat, and some gloves. Conversely, Friday felt hot compared to Monday and I was asked several times if I was cold, by students and teachers. It honestly takes quite a bit to make my body feel cold plus I have more insulation than the average person and I generally like feeling cool.

I finally figured out how to pay my bills. There was a nice gentleman at the bank that “showed me” how to use the machine – he did the whole thing with the exception of entering my phone number for me. He didn’t even allow me to enter my bankbook into the machine for an update. I mean, sir, I know how to do that at least.

For the past couple of weeks it seems like I’ve been eating a majority of my meals after work with one of the Korean teachers at school, EunSun or Sunny as she goes by at school. I’ve never met someone whose name is a perfect reflection of their personality like it is with Sunny. She’s very kind and always has a smile on her face. I’m quiet sad though that she has accepted a job else where and will no longer be working with me after this month. Luckily, she lives pretty close to our school so we can still meet up.

Yesterday, I met Elizabeth in Myeongdong again. This time, we went to Namsan Tower. We were supposed to go last month when we stayed in Itaewon but we didn’t really feel like going. Elizabeth is from Florida and from what I gathered hasn’t experienced much of the four season weather that happens in less tropical environments. She seemed in awe of the different colored leaves, something I clearly take for granted.

From the subway station we had to do a mini steep hike to get to the cable car station, our legs were on fire by the time be got there. The wait line was so long someone ordered Domino’s Pizza. We made friends with the little baby that was a head of us in line and it made me wonder if I have inherited my dad’s baby stranger magnet – baby strangers love my dad, they always stare and smile at him. We rode the cable car up Namsan which was a bit of what I imagine being a canned sardine is like. I was more interested in the mountain itself as it’s made out of granite and will probably be reading about the geological formations of Korea sometime in the near future because I’m a nerd. At the top and end of the cable car ride, we had to climb more stairs and we were laughing about how out of shape we are. We purchased a two person combo of two drinks and popcorn for our adventure, plus admission to the observation deck. They had peanut butter squid flavored popcorn – we did not try it. We got an obligatory souvenir photo taken and it was amazing. It wasn’t very clear out so we couldn’t see a whole lot. We walked around for a while and took the cable car back down. I have to say, I liked the ride down more than the ride up. It was dark so you could see all the buildings and their lights and the slope at which we were traveling was a bit terrifying.

We made our way back down to the subway by all the shops and decided to look for a place to eat. Elizabeth’s eagle eyes spotted a Dak Galbi place and I was never so eager to agree to eating something in my life. Dak Galbi is one of my favorite Korean dishes. It’s chicken marinated in a mess of red pepper paste and flakes. It’s not spicy at first but as you keep eating it gets spicier – something I personally love. After we ate we walked around more and came upon a cat cafe. OMG do you know how much I love cats?! We had to pay a 9,000 won admission fee but I will gladly pay around $9 to be surrounded by all different breeds of cats. It made me a bit sad and miss my Emily Mittens, but it was fun.


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