Shit kids say and other updates

I teach at a private language academy and the children I have contact with are ages 6 to 12. A lot of them seem like they’d rather be anywhere else but there because they come directly after public (regular) school or from another academy. Most of them are really well behaved but like always, there are a few trouble makers.

  • kid comes into classroom with realistic looking toy gun, points it at my head, makes shooting noises, laughs and says, “teacher die!”😳
    • I have had several issues with this child already and obviously was not amused.
  • multiple kids like to poke me in the belly like I’m the Pillsbury Dough Boy – probably because it’s not common to see people this fat here, I don’t take offense to this
  • a lot of the little girls give me hugs and tell me I’m “comfy” or “squishy” – again, not offended and I don’t think it’s meant to be malicious, also it’s true so whatevs
  • boy takes my picture as we’re wrapping up class – I ask him why, he says he wants to show his friends; um okay?
  • boy draws a heart shaped thing in his school book, tells me it’s my butt, laughs, and points from his book to my actual butt
  • the past couple of days had been cooler so I wore my hair down – several of the girls tell me, “teacher hair!” and give me a thumbs up
  • I had a cold this past week and some of the girls told me, “Britt teacher should have soup”

I’m feeling better about ordering food from restaurants and shops in the market by my house. However, tonight I went to get some Dakgangjeong (닭강정) but I forgot what it was called so I tried to read the menu. HA! I ordered something of chicken origin, but not what I wanted. I don’t know what I ordered but it is spicy and looks like mystery meat. Luckily, the shop next door sells corn dogs (핫도그)  that are in plain sight so I only have to say, “이거 주세요.” (please give me this) and the shop people ask me how many and if I want ketchup.

Ah, Dakgangjeong (닭강정), I’ll go back to eat you tomorrow I guess ☹️️

Had to bust out my fuzzy north face coat tonight because it’s getting chilly finally. I also tried on my down winter coat, unsurprisingly it fits better this year than last winter. 


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