Hallejuhyer I have access to my $$$ now! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

I went with one of the bilingual staff to the bank today to help along the process of sorting out my account. It took a half hour but a lot was accomplished.

Apparently the lady that helped me last time didn’t really help me at all. The woman who helped me today was giggling and whispering to her neighbor about how my bankbook wasn’t even signed and stamped. So that made me feel great about my previous experience. My account was set up so I could only withdrawal money in person and have my salary deposited. 😳 Yeah that’s practical… 

So while the teller was snickering at the previous person’s blunders I was able to obtain a check card with necessary PIN, a PIN for my passbook, and authorization to send money back to the United States when I need to. 

The teller that helped me also told me I needed a Korean name. I was like, whoa you can’t just throw that at someone like that. I told her “λͺ°λΌμš”” and that was apparently a good answer as she giggled at that. I assume she put something like 마리 which is my middle name, but I really don’t know (λͺ°λΌμš”). 

I am so glad to finally have access to my money again! 


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