Banking here confuses me, Chuseok, and video chatting

So I went to set up a bank account last week. I wasn’t given a card of any type, like debit or check card. I was just given this weird passport book, called a passbook. I was asked to put in a PIN and given the book and sent on my way. Since I put the majority of my money in the account I didn’t think much about this until Wednesday when I went to the ATM and inserted my passbook in the machine and it asked me not only for my PIN but a “passbook admission number.” I was like @_@ ummm? So I was left with only $24 for the Chuseok holiday because I am a dumb foreigner and have no idea what I’m doing. So I get to walk to work early on Monday to sort that shit out.

We had/are having a five day weekend because of Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving and Harvest Festival. It’s pretty cool other than the aforementioned lack of cash I have. The weather has cooled down quite a bit and I promise I wasn’t going to be lazy today but it seemed like more fun than getting lost on the bus again.

Last night after the sun set, I went on a walk through the market and ended up at McDonald’s. If you didn’t already know, McDonald’s delivers here…there are even apps for ordering delivery. Here’s a pic of one side of the menu and true to cheesy McDonald’s, it’s called McDelivery.

I video chatted with my parents last night and my mom made my kitty, Emily, talk to me. I cried. I don’t really know why I thought I’d be okay with living away from her; I was delusional I guess? I’ve always been okay being alone (people wise) as long as I had my kitty for company and now that I’m legitimately alone in a foreign country it’s so fucking lonely. I actually started having conversations with myself, like replying in different voices and everything. I saw my nephew, Soren, video chatting as well; we waved and smiled at each other. Facebook video chat/calls are pretty legit if you didn’t already know.

Dairy products here, not only being hella expensive, are sweeter and just don’t taste right. I enjoy bagels for dinner rather than making a meal – and a tiny thing of Philadelphia Cream Cheese is like 6,000 won, so like just shy of $6 USD. That being said, I tried to make mashed potatoes tonight for dinner and I ended up gagging and spitting them all over the wall of my kitchen, I was not impressed. I settled for some random beef ramen thing I found in the cupboard.


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