Some people just honestly suck…

The day stated out pretty neutral. I met my head teacher and she took me to the bank to finally set up an account. While we were walking, there was a loud thunder rumble! By the time we reached the bank it was raining pretty steadily. While we waited forever for our turn, it got dark as night out and was pouring! We didn’t have a choice but to walk in the downpour, with umbrellas of course, as work was soon starting. My feet were impossibly drenched and my dumbass didn’t bring any type of sandal to South Korea. My socks and shoes were a squeaky drenched mess.

I was invited to go to trivia at a foreigner bar with three of my coworkers. I walked to meet them at the end of the street I walk on everyday, but in the opposite direction. I’d never walked this way before so it was kind of exciting – it’s like an open air market with lots of live fish tanks and fruit stores. I was walking through at like 10 pm so a lot of the other stores had already closed. 

We took a cab from the meeting point through the Hwaseong Fortress walls to the bar hosting the trivia. We arrived just in time to get drinks and chat a bit before it started. Our head teacher had some friends from another campus coming to join us. 

Lo and behold, three of the people with her friends were jerks from my one day of training at HQ that were already cliquey and ignored me when I arrived.  I didn’t really talk to them other than say hi but later on and a couple drinks later into the night, one of my coworkers and I were dancing and one of the girls was pointing and whispering. 🙄 Like really? Yes, I don’t look like you but I didn’t know that precluded me from having fun. Also I wouldn’t want to look like her anyway, because I’d rather be fat than a stuck up bitch who instantly judges people on appearance. There are many forms of ugly and in my opinion, an ugly personality is the worst. 


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