I’ve been in Korea for NINE days!

Third day of teaching, not too shabby. So, I’ve taught for three days now. Today was the first day of two day classes that meet every Tuesday and Thursday. I was more confident for these classes than those that I taught on Friday. I even got ~two~ compliments today. I said, “고맙습니다” or “Thank you.” to one of the staff today when he came in to give the students a handout about their homework website and the kids were like 😮 “OH MY GOD BRITT TEACHER JUST SAID 고맙습니다!!!” So then I said, “나는 미국 사람이다” and they were like @_@ and didn’t speak Korean because they think I understand more than I actually do. Haha! Also, my name for the next 12 months will be, Britt Teacher, because that’s how the kids address you. I have a feeling I might introduce myself to someone that’s not a student that way.

So there’s a supermarket right below my school. It’s pretty convenient, honestly. I usually leave my apartment a little early to dick around in the store and look and shit. Yesterday, for example I bought mold killer for my bathroom, a rice cooker, some rice, and the Korean version of Ding-Dongs. The Ding-Dongs are pretty legit. Some other foods I’ve tried, like Doritos, are gross and just taste wrong. They have more sweet/sugary taste and just YUCK! Hershey’s brand is pretty big from what I gather in my nine days of being here. The Hershey’s chocolate milk that I’ve had is to die for! It comes in a box, like a juice box, and omasdflsdflsadj omg so good! I have tried “regular” milk and it tastes too different than “American regular” milk; this could also be due to the fact that I don’t drink milk on a regular basis and am lactose intolerant. The grape juice is pretty bomb too. If you know me, you know I LAAAAHVE grape juice. I’ve eaten my fill of 만두, or dumplings, for a while now and don’t really care to eat them in the next few days.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been in Korea for NINE days!

  1. Darla says:

    Good to hear that all is starting to look positive. What do you mean? You’ve had enough dumpling? :>} I thought they were on every corner like fast food burgers, here. What did you do over the weekend? Do you get down time like in US? Emmy is becoming more friendly but is on Dad’s shit list because she has peed on the carpet by the speaker in the living room. She, now, has to stay in your room during the day until we come home. It’s pretty humid and hot, here, today. Do you have air conditioning in your apartment? Let us know if you get this. I’ve tried to comment on previous posts but can’t tell if you got them. Love, Mom and Dad and cats

    Britts Adventures


    • glacialpoolinkorea says:

      There are at least two dumpling shops within walking distance of my school that I know of…there are probably even more than that. My school’s director has bought me dumplings three times so far because I told her I REALLY like them.

      Over the weekend I didn’t do anything really. It was really hot so that didn’t make for a good time to explore. No, I still had to work on Monday but next week we get Wednesday – Friday off for Chuseok, which is Korean Thanksgiving. A five day weekend will be pretty nice but I don’t get my first paycheck until next month so I don’t get to do anything fun.

      There was a thunderstorm here this afternoon which I hear was pretty rare – I liked it!


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