What am I even doing?

Yesterday it rained all day and the school’s director picked me up because of this; apparently she doesn’t live that far away from the hotel which is far from school. It was really nice of her to do that but it was also kind of awkward.

I was supposed to prepare for mock teaching and for my classes that start on Friday. I still don’t have a desk so that was fun. I was given syllabi and book lists that I’m sure make sense to people working there for more than a day but I seriously don’t get it. So I’m trying to organize things and it’s just so frustrating because I have this pile of shit and it means nothing to me. I’m in everyone’s way and they are so busy that I can’t really ask questions. I know nothing and it’s a bit irritating, honestly. So, I did as bad as expected on my mock teaching and was told I need to practice more and ask the other teachers for help (see above). 

It was one of the Korean teacher’s last day yesterday and we went to eat after work which was like at 9pm and we leave around 10. I wanted to take a cab but everyone was like it’s too expensive take the bus. I get on the bus but the stops are only in Korean so that doesn’t really mean anything to me as:

  1. I don’t know what corresponds with the stop names
  2.  It’s dark out so I have no idea where I am 
  3. I’m so stupid when it come to directions – if I can’t recognize my surroundings by landmark all hope is lost

So I’m clearly on the bus too long in some tiny ass neighborhood that I’ve never seen before so I message the head teacher “I’m lost and have no idea where I am” and send her my location from my phone. She’s like omg how?!  And tries to have a taxi come pick me up. No taxi. I finally see a taxi randomly driving and flag him down. He was super nice and got me back to my hotel in a hour. So I got back at midnight on the dot. Annnnd now I’m out roughly $50 when, if I would have taken a cab like I wanted it it would have been $30ish. 

Tl;dr – I am not having a good time. Yesterday sucked. 


One thought on “What am I even doing?

  1. Bobbie says:

    Thankfully, that horrible day is done with. Just think of it this way — maybe that will be the worst day that you will have to look back on, Hang in there.


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