First day of everything

I slept for a super long time yesterday 

Apparently moving across the globe can make you a morning person, who knew? 

After that glorious amount of sleep I got myself ready and went to to lobby to meet the school’s bus to take me to the first day of training. I was told there’d be other teachers going as well but when I got to the lobby ten minutes before I was told the bus would leave, I was the only one there…for a while. The first two people I met were super nice dudes, Ross and Jacob, who were also going to the same place I was. Yay! Everyone else in the group kind of ignored me. Boo!

I came to learn that all the other teachers in this group had been at our hotel/in the area since Friday or earlier, some coming a month ahead of time to scope things out. That must have been nice as a lot of them already are super comfortable with the public transit system and know the ins and outs of our neighborhood. 

So I learned about the system of my school and the names of the different levels and what is taught at each level yesterday…for eight hours; 9am to 5pm. For lunch my two new friends and two other guys and I went to Burger King! It was good, there was something we all couldn’t exactly describe but the meat tasted a little different. 

Afterwards, Jacob and I had to get our pictures taken for the directory so we had to stay behind and not get the academy bus back to our hotel. Luckily, he’s already been living here for a year and helped me get a transit money card and we took the subway then bus back. It took us about an hour to get back this way. 

Around 8pm, Jacob and I decided to get something to eat. Since he’d been here a couple days before me he knew where to look for food. We ate at a chicken restaurant and had a chicken, cabbage, rice cake stir fry thing topped with cheese that kind of resembled skillet lasagna. It was sooooooooooo delicious! After dinner he helped me figure out the route I’m supposed to take to my school today.

I still only know what’s going on on a day by day basis which I’m told is normal and I should get used to it. Meh. 


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