I was told to relax so I didn’t 

For lunch I went to the dining room in the hotel expecting to have whatever they were serving in the buffet but the woman at the counter made me order from the room service menu, not sure why. I had bulgogi and I was sitting at a table where I was sandwiched between two families – they watched me eat the entire time. Probably impressed by my wicked chopstick skillz.

Around 3pm yesterday I decided that I didn’t want to eat room service because a. they have really limited choices and b. it is super overpriced. So I went for a walk around my hotel.

The area around my hotel is essentially all newer construction. Some of the sidewalks aren’t even finished yet! Since this area has so many residential buildings I figured there has to be a convenience store somewhere near by. I must have went down the wrong street…there were no cafes, restaurants, or convenience stores anywhere. I finally spotted a beef store then wouldn’t you know there were two CVS stores right across the street from each other.

I went in and looked at all the “weird” food and was tempted to get a noodle bowl but remembered I didn’t have a microwave in my room nor anything other than a spoon meant for tea to eat with.  ☹️ So I got some Fanta because I love it, pre made rice bowls, and a barley bud tea.

I was honestly looking for the corn silk tea but they didn’t have it so I decided to try this one instead. These three items were still “expensive” at 10,050 won or $8.95, but still way cheaper than room service.


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