My Motives

I’ve had many different and some very interesting questions regarding my motives for want to teach English in South Korea.

Truth be told, my interest in Korea is not very old and it started with being fired from a job and having way too much free time so I took up using whatever disposable income I had on cutesy stationery to decorate my Filofax planner with. All the cute Korean planner stickers I found on etsy, eBay, etc. had Hangul writing and Korean phrases on them.

In 2014, I moved in with a roommate who had interests in Korean and Japanese cultures and she allowed my curiosity to flourish. I started watching Korean dramas and listening to Kpop. She also had a friend that taught English in Japan and encouraged me to look into options appealing to me so I started looking into English teaching jobs in Korea.

Since I was also going to University of Iowa during this time and they have Korean language and culture classes I decided I might as well take some. I took a Korean Humanities class that encompassed the history, folklore, and arts of Korean people. During this time I also took a Hangul class to learn how to read and write via King Sejong Institute.

I decided to apply to some teaching jobs in Korea because why the heck not?! And now I’m going on my next adventure.


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